UI/UX Designer

Job description

C-Suite Circle is a global network of 40,000 senior business leaders (CEOs, CFOs, etc). 

We're looking for talented UI/UX designers to help us design and build world-class interfaces, both for our internal products, and for client projects.

Our headquarters is in Singapore, although we are a global, fully-remote team with staff in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Italy, Poland, and Canada. We're hiring freelance and remote (part-time/full-time) staff.

Job requirements

You must be able stunning, modern interfaces (for mobile apps and websites). 

We are ideally looking for someone who can:

  • Create attractive wireframes (from a requirements doc / pencil sketches)
  • Create stunning interfaces based on a solid understanding of interaction principles
  • Create HTML/CSS mockups
  • Prepare brand guide